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We virtually connected Asia with Europe, Africa and Oceania

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Srilankan Virtual Airlines offers you a great network of flights and destinations

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Srilankan Virtual Airlines

Srilankan Virtual Airlines has aimed to be one of the best virtual airlines in ASIA. We are operating on IVAO platform and we would like to share our aviation hobby with all pilots around the world. Our goal is also to feel this hobby as real as it is and simulate the real operations, procedures, and information which is related to aviation without any commercial and financial interest.

Airline Data
& Information

  1. ICAO Code:                                  ALK
  2. IATA Code:                                   UL
  3. CALLSING:                                   SRILANKAN
  4. Active Since:                                01 AUGUST 2021
  5. Total Pilots:                                 2
  6. Hours Flown:                               05:01:00
  7. Flights Completed:                     2
  8. Total Aircrafts:                            24
  9. Total Schedules:                         95
  10. Total Fuel:                                    15,820 Kg.
  11. Total Passengers:                       295 Pax.
  12. Recruitment Status:                   CLOSE
  13. Pilots will be recruited monthly. Recruitment open until: July 05, 2023.


  1. We welcome you to:

    Serfio (ALK002) From Venezuela

    1. ALK002 Serfio Márquez Márquez
    2. ALK001 Julio Vielma Contreras

Pilots and
ATC Online

  1. There have been 0 pilot (s), and 4 guest (s) online in the past 20 minutes.


Srilankan Virtual Airlines takes pride in the service it provides to it's pilots. We believe that the most successful Virtual Airline lies in the success of it's pilots, therefore we are dedicated to the growth and development of all of our members.


Real Schedules

Schedules from real world airline updated monthly.


Custom tracking system that facilitates the report of the flights in real time.

Simbrief Integrated

Dispatch with integrated simbrief for easily generate the flight plan.

Members Club

Exclusive club where you can convert the virtual money for real money.

Great Community

Liveries, manuals, resources, social networks and much more.

24/7 Support

We offer support to all members. It doesn't matter what the reason is.

Upcoming Departures

No Upcoming Departures at this time

Because we want to be a virtual airline of reference worldwide...


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